We want to make your special day as special as you do!

With Maxim's, you can enjoy delicious, freshly made cakes everytime. We offer a huge selection of flavours and cake types. In addition, we only use real whipped cream in our cakes. We want our customers to enjoy every last bit of our cakes. You give us the motivation to continue creating delicious cakes!


On an exciting note, please know that we provide the service to make Wedding Cakes as well, so please contact us for more details.


Contact listed below.


Our dear customers can now enjoy delicious cakes for as low as $22. We have a huge selection to choose from, so please see the list below for addition information.


Please note:

Allow 24 hours turnaround time for small cakes, and 48 hours for large cakes and special orders.

Cakes not picked up on time will not be stored overnight, and deposits paid are not refundable.

Price listed is for take-out orders only and subject to change without notice.

Minimum 48 hours notice for cancellation of order.

Cash only for purchases under $25.

Cash and debit card only for purchases over $25.


Rounded Cakes











Slab Cakes







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